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herbert langhans, sprachtraining langhans

Warsaw, Monday 29th October 2007

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an efficient and professional introduction to German. All lessons are performed without any translations just by the exclusive use of the target language.

In my career I have taught over 8000 lessons at Berlitz in Warsaw, more then half of the time to beginners. I have kept the method of teaching absolute beginners through coordinated dialoges and the use of illustrations and objects as my professional practice. For faster comprehension I complete these methods with grammatical exercises—also the homework always refers to the certain issues of the dialoges from the lessons. Names, objects, the construction of sentences and grammar always results as a logical conclusion of objects and actions the student experiences during the lesson. In many cases it makes any grammatical explanations obsolete—just like the students native language..
The lessons are held in the target language German. My students speak German from the beginning without the need of translations. After five to eight months most of the students are able to communicate well with German native speakers in a correct and pleasant manner. The scripts and other teaching materials consist of individually compiled material and are included in the fee for the lessons.

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